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5 Pandemic Date Night Ideas


“5 Pandemic Date Night Ideas”


Getting romantic or just having some fun with your significant other should not be neglected during the pandemic. It is true that the pandemic has caused many of our favorite spots to be closed or to operate in a way that doesn’t necessarily facilitate an awesome date night; however, this doesn’t mean that date nights should be cancelled. Let us discuss BLACKDATEBOX “5 Pandemic Date Night Ideas” to help you bond with your favorite person.


Game Night


If you and your spouse are competitive, a game night can be an incredible idea. Games such as Scrabble, Battleship, and Monopoly can make for a great time with your partner. You can step up the fun by wagering for who will have to take care of certain household chores if they lose. Want some great Black-Owned card games, try Black Card Revoked, Culture Tags and Coupled Up Card Game. Just to name a few. Stay tuned for BLACKDATEBOX card deck. Follow us at


Cook for Your Partner


One of the most romantic things you can do for your significant other is to prepare a meal sprinkled with tons of love. Cooking takes commitment and by doing it, your spouse will be loved and special. Cooking their favorite meal is always a win; however, you can spice things up with a special theme for dinner such as ‘Caribbean Night’ or ‘A Night in Africa’. Have a cup of milk with some chocolate chip cookies and just talk afterwards. Or wait for it try BLACKDATEBOX Movie Edition Snack Box, this box is sure to satisfy every taste crazing that you and your partner would love.


Go on a Picnic


Whether the park is closed or not, you can always find a great spot to have a picnic with your special person. Take some lovely treats along and have a good time. If you and your partner do not mind a little alcohol, take along one of your favorite bottles of wine. This will make for an awesome time. Vegan couples can have a great time too without the hassle of searching for vegan options. offers a vegan subscription box that contains 9 to 10 incredible vegan snacks.


Paint Together


Maybe you are thinking that this will not apply to you and your partner because you both have no idea how to paint, but that will make it even more enjoyable and memorable. There are places that may offer this opportunity in a safe way that protects you from being exposed to the virus; if you cannot find a spot, do not worry. You can get some painting tools at the store and do this at home. You will be silently thanking us for this one later.


Movie Night


Movie night never gets old. Find a new film on Netflix, Amazon Prime or whatever platform you prefer. Ensure that you create a theater-like environment by having some theater-like snacks and drinks on hand. With the right snacks, the right film and the right person, a movie night can be incredible.  Or try BLACKDATEBOX Movie Edition Snack Box, this box is sure to satisfy every taste crazing that you and your partner would love. Our boxes are the perfect complement to any Netflix and Chill.




These 5 pandemic date night ideas will strengthen the bond between you and your partner. Take the time to plan each carefully and have an awesome time.