Support Black-Owned Businesses


1. What is BLACKDATEBOX™ ?
BLACKDATEBOX™ – the monthly subscription box that celebrates black love. This box handles all your snack and entertainment needs while supporting black businesses & retailers.

2. Where are you based?
We have locations in Atlanta, Georgia and Los Angeles, California.
3. How often is the movie box shipped?
Our movie boxes ship 6x per year (Sept, Oct, Dec, Feb, May, July). Subscriptions include exclusive access to our date challenges and monthly date e-magazine. Specialty boxes are sold throughout the year. Subscription customers will receive discount pricing and special access.

4. Why should I like and share my date on Instagram and Facebook?
While this is not a requirement, it helps further Black Snack Brand awareness and give access to our contests. Including a vacation to an exotic location. There are plenty of reasons to share.
5. Is shipping included in the packaging?
All packages include FREE SHIPPING!!!
6. What are the packages?
Here is a brief overview of our BLACKDATEBOX™ subscription tier plans. Please visit our website for further information.
$17.99-BLACKDATEBOX™ - 5-6 snacks perfect for singles or for a virtual date
$34.99-BLACKDATEBOX™ -9-10 snacks perfect for two people (any dating/relationship stage)
$34.99-Black & Vegan-9-10 Snacks perfect for two people (100% Vegan)
$44.99-BLACKDATEBOX™ Deluxe 13-15 snacks perfect for two people

7. Are all the companies Black-Owned?
Yes, our companies are all Black-based companies. While some companies featured are not founded by black people, they are provided by black retailers and distributors (such as Coca-Cola and M&Ms)
8. Do you accept returns?
We do not provide refunds for perishable items.

9. I am allergic to peanuts how do I ensure I do not receive an item I am allergic to?
We have an option to personalize your box. Please read ingredients of all products.

10. Does BLACKDATEBOX™ package the food items?
No, we are simply a supplier for various black brands. We do not package any of the items. We are not responsible or liable of any food brand we feature. Can I choose my own Black Feature Film?
Yes, absolutely you may enjoy BLACKDATEBOX™ with any feature film. However, our suggested movies provide a private virtual discussion to connect with other couples around the world.
11. Can I use this box for another occasion besides a date?
Yes, absolutely we have customers who are simply friends.
And did we mention we’ve got something for everyone?
• Vegan? Opt for our Black Vegan Snack Box.
• Bringing the kids? Grab our BlackKidMovieBox.
• Watching with your boys from the man cave or making it a ladies’ night? Try our ForTheFellasMovieBox or BlackGirlMovieBox
• And stay tuned for our “Black Halloween Feature Films” box – preview coming soon.

12. How do I feature my food brand in BLACKDATEBOX™ ? Please contact us at
13. How do I promote my feature film with BLACKDATEBOX™ ? Please contact us at