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BLACKDATEBOX™ Bottle Sparklers

BLACKDATEBOX™ Bottle Sparklers

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Want to create BLACKDATENIGHT™ ambiance? BLACKDATEBOX™ retailer of bottle sparklers are sure to add excitement and creativity to any movie night. Bottle sparklers (4 pack) can be used on any alcohol or non-alcohol bottles. 

Notes from supplier:

Our bottle sparklers are made of premium materials making them burn better than any bottle sparklers out there. These bottle sparklers are virtually smokeless, ashless, and have no smell or odor. Our bottle sparklers are made of a thick cardboard tube making them safer to hold as the tube does emit heat up like most other bottle sparklers from other retailers.

To light one of these bottle sparklers, use an open flame to ignite the top of the sparkler. We recommend using a long barrel lighter such as a BBQ lighter to do this. Once lit, enjoy a stunning display of showers of sparks that shoot up as high as 10 to 12 inches and last approximately 35 to 40 seconds. You can watch the product video below to view this magnificent sight. If you require even longer burning bottle sparklers, we also offer Extended Burn Bottle Sparklers that burn for 50 to 55 seconds.