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BLACKDATEBOX™  Check Ya Rhymes Game Cards 1st Edition

BLACKDATEBOX™ Check Ya Rhymes Game Cards 1st Edition

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Ready to Rhythm or Rhyme? 

Another black-owned card game for party time.

BLACKDATEBOX™ debuts Check Ya Rhymes card game set. Our cards are sure to leave the party full of thrills and keep it reals. Perfect for dates, groups, family, holidays, parties, bachelorette, bachelor, or solo-dolo.
Check Ya Rhymes™ is the ultimate playing card sure to make you explode with laughter with humorous rhymes. 
Did we mention the cards were made for the culture? 

Check how BLACKDATEBOX™ Rhymes:

2. Lotion is? Lotion is an ashy's knees potion.
3. Melanin drip: Melanin drip, champagne sip, coco flavored lips, full-bodied hips, twerking off the rip, can't find my whip, too drunk for a Lyft? 

4. Tiffany Haddish said she ready- Tiffany Haddish says she ready, but somebody sit her ass down to eat her spaghetti. 

5. In your best vampire accent say "Shawty So Clean?" 

now you try and don't forget to Check Ya Rhymes.....Purchase your set today for only $15

How to play:

Shuffle the deck
Pick a card it will have a Rhytmn or Rhyme 
Take a minute and Rhyme your answer
The person who laughs at the responses the hardest wins the game
Order your cards today 
70 Cards per deck    
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